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Dark pit alt.outfit by ksougstad
Dark pit alt.outfit
This is a contest entry for
Thought he'd look nice in something casual

Dark pit belongs to nintendoDark Pit Glare Chat Icon 
Noticing how inactive I am Thought I might pick it back up again. Sorry for that btw, school sucks.... So now that i have a bit of time for drawing here and there I've got like fifteen stockpiled so sorry if you get spammed with it, the requests i have have not been forgotten I promise and most likely on Thursday I'll get maybe three new x readers up, or thats the goal anyway. Being as I want to be more active I'm probably gonna change a lot, mostly because I'm enjoying inking now. Also I have a couple comic ideas I might do. 
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Kid icarus Halloween style by ksougstad
Kid icarus Halloween style
so basically this is my major Halloween picture and for the contest for the group I'm pretty proud of this one and for once still like it after a week, which is why I delayed on uploading it, but now it's all done and pretty and stuffs.

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    Before reading reminder it is a lemon and will involve graphic content, the only reason I'm restating this is because some people don't read descriptions or titles, so yeah it'll most likely be by copyright down below, ok lets do this!

    The day was warm as usual, you sighed as you played with a lock of your lose (h/c) hair. You mostly spent your days by the ocean, but living on an island it was unavoidable anyway. You lived on a small island off the mainland called Sol, which made a lot of sense since it was always sunny, and on your island was a temple to the goddess of light, Palentena. You spent most of your days just sitting on the shore, finding seashells for a collection of sorts you built up over the years. You got up and studied the shoreline for a new and interesting shell, which today so far you had no luck. The temple was on a higher ridge overlooking the ocean, separated by a small stretch of sand. As you walked by the rocky incline you noticed a purple scallop shell by the water, you picked it up and unconsciously looked up to the temple above. Someone was watching you, you hurriedly walked away, a bit creeped out. Once getting a bit away from whoever that was you looked at your prize of the day and smiled. It was beautiful, an orchid color with a darker violet outline. You admired it for a couple more seconds before starting on your journey home. You had o walk past the temple again. As you reached the sand you noticed someone else was there, a boy, around your age. He had black hair and was slightly tan, not uncommon for someone living on your island. He looked kinda angry but you could only see the side of his face, you passed him as quietly and quickly as possible hopefully not attracting any negative attention. 

    Dark pit P.O.V.
    Great, stupid Pit-stain convinced his goddess to force me outside, why? It's nothing special, all it ever is or ever was is sand, salt water and the occasional shell. Other than that he told her I was "antisocial' and that he's "worried about me", hmpf, I'm just fine, he always told me not to talk to people or cause what he calls trouble with anyone, so going outside has no point. He's such an idiot and now she refuses to let me back in, just my luck.  There's someone now walking this way, and as quickly as they came they left, good. It looks like the same person from earlier I happened to spot before those two kicked me out... Maybe it would be worth it to see where humans go at night... What am I thinking? Following a human would be too risky, at least I don't have to clock my wings for awhile.

 Your P.O.V.
    You got home quickly after that, you couldn't get that boy out of your head.... He seemed so... different but yet so familiar. It interested you but you brushed it off and put your new shell on an empty spot on your desk. You yawned and went to bed early that night, and dreamed of someone you used to know a very long time ago. The sun was out as always but it seemed darker... that's when you saw them, the twins. When you were younger you would spend a lot of time with them everyday, but after ten years you forgot their names... but remembered a bit of what they looked like, one was a brunette while the other had very dark hair, you were very shy at a young age but with them it was extremely different, you were always happy and carefree around them. But one day they just disappeared and thats how your dream ended, as you got closer to them they faded away.... 

    You woke with a start after that, you breathed a bit heavier than usual and looked out your window. You had a clear view of the temple, you looked at it for a bit longer before attempting to go back to sleep. The rest of the night you were dreamless. 

    The next day you went back to shoreline, once again looking for a new edition for your collection. You walked with your head down carefully studying the sand. Sighing you waded into the water to about your ankles to try for better luck. Remembering the prize from yesterday you slowly made your way to the sand stretch again, this time in the water. As you did you heard yelling and angry shouts of frustration, or at least it sounded like it. You payed no mind to it since it was faint, thought it was two children fighting over a toy or something. You had reached the sand stretch and found what you had been hoping for, another scallop shell, only this one was light blue. Happily you picked it up and closely looked at it, not noticing a giant splash behind you. All you felt was cool water drench your back, then loud yelling along with fighting. You turned around a bit peeved only to see the boy from yesterday, fighting with someone who looked almost identical, except with brown hair. You watched them fight pretty violently, throwing punches and slurs back and forth. You backed up a bit to put more space between you and the two boys. Only to have the brown haired boy push the black haired one almost on your feet and jumping on his back ready to punch him, hard but the two stopped and simply looked up at you.

 Dark pit P.O.V. 
    Damn him, first he pushes me out again then he threw me into the water, that's it, I snapped. We both started arguing and then I punched him, hard. Then he started to punch back and it got pretty heated. Then he pushed me into the water and jumped on me, hand pulled back, ready to hit me again, looking pissed. Only to stop and look up, I did to only to see an extremely attractive (boy/girl/?) looking down at us, I was a couple centimeters from (his/her/?) feet. Pit slowly lowered his arm and got off of me, flustered and I guess I looked the same because afterwards he told me I was worse than he was. We both got up and Pit being an idiot asked if they were alright, I turned away looking at them peripherally. I noticed then it was the same person from yesterday.  I overheard that idiot introduce himself as "the guardian of light" or some other stupid title and then introduce me as his "dark twin" I began to get irritated and turned to them abruptly stating I could introduce myself if he would ever shut up. 

    They just smiled and said their name was (y/n), Pit then explained our situation and even invited (y/n) to hang out with us, saying how it would be nice for both of us to get out more. I shrugged, I wouldn't mind being around someone other than Pit-stain as long as they don't annoy me, he seemed off though, how comfortable he was... does he know (him/her/?) from somewhere? Eh, I don't care, if it gets him away from me for awhile then I'll take it.

Your P.O.V. 
    After an introduction the brunette named "Pit" had invited you to spend some time with them, you agreed, he seemed so nice and friendly. His twin though named Pittoo seemed to be on edge around his brother, which wasn't a surprise seeing as they were just about to kill each other. Pit commented on the shell you were holding and told him about your collection, he seemed really enthusiastic about, well, everything. They continued to spend the day with you, helping look for shells of their own. Pit didn't fair too well, Pittoo on the other hand was kinda a pro at it. Within about five minutes he found ten nicely colored and shaped shells, while Pit found one and two hermit crabs witch attacked him. You laughed watching him run away from a tiny crabs, you glanced at Pittoo he had his hand over his mouth chuckling slightly. You smiled, maybe this wouldn't be bad. After a while Pit said he wanted to try something, he ran over to Pittoo and pushed him into the water, enraging him. Pit laughed and ran from him till he caught him. You couldn't help but laugh, which made him not punch Pit and look at you a bit confused. Pit used this as an escape and ran to you, hiding behind you, his arms draped on your shoulders. Pittoo walked over to you both and with his arms crossed said he would get Pit back. You smiled at him, his cheeks flushed as he looked into the water, "cute" you thought as the day continued they were always pranking each other, always trying to outdo the other. You decided to invite them over to your house for lunch, Pit as you expected immediately said yes, his twin was more hesitant but agreed.

    When they were over you showed them your collection and placed the new shell next to the orchid one. After lunch Pit practically dragged you both back to the beach and began to look again, Pittoo however stood off to one side, but when Pit turned his back Pittoo waved you over, you walked over to humanoid started a small conversation about random things. Then he posed a question about both him and Pit, that was "Do you like either of us?" You replied that you thought the both of them were very nice and that you look forward to spend more time with them, at this point he was blushing insanely he then restated " No like.... more than a friend..." He trailed off a bit but you understood what he was trying to say, you gulped and felt the heat rise in your cheeks "w-well I kinda like... you like that...." He looked at you abruptly and roughly kissed you. It took you by surprise but you eased into it. He pulled away and said that he and Pit would have to be going, you only then noticed how late it was, the sun had almost set entirely.

    You said your goodbyes to the boys and went home, you immediately passed out on your bed, more tired than you realized. The next month was the same, you would spend the entire day with them sometimes looking for shells or just around town. They eventually showed you their wings as you grew closer and closer to them, they were your best friends, you could say that you loved them both, but Pittoo was the twin you were more interested in, he was always so strong and confident, even with his temper. And as you grew closer to him the more you fell for him. You had been hanging out with them everyday for three months now when Pittoo walked up to you and asked you if you still liked him, you replied yes and he smiled slightly, which was rare for him. He then asked you to "be his" and you gladly accepted. With a jealous Pit always with you two. 

    It was about four months into the relationship when he said he had a surprise of sorts for you, saying it with a smirk and a light blush, making him look almost fiendish. You smiled at him and asked what it was but he simply replied with "the moon will tell". You were confused but said ok and continued to enjoy your day with your two favorite people.                                                                                     Until night fell once again, you went home still wondering what the surprise was, you changed into your pjs which consisted of only a baggy t-shirt and your underwear. And since you lived alone you could easily walk around without flashing anyone. After your nightly routine you decided to watch a bit of T.V. in your living room when you heard a knock at your window, you peeked through the blinds to see Pittoo waving and asking you to let him in. After unlocking the door he hastily walked in, you relocked the door and asked him what was wrong and he just looked at you and smirked, he then to your surprise picked you up bridal-style and carried you to your room and layed you down on your bed. Flushed you watched him take off his shirt, you sat up and asked him what he was doing, the same sexy smirk laced on his face as he crawled on top of you and pushed you lightly back down on the bed. You tried to ask him again but he silenced you with a finger to your lips then saying " This will be fun I promise, just let me do what I want ok?" in a voice that made you melt, you nodded as you looked into his eyes, their captivating magenta hue. He lightly kissed you readjusting his position. He then began to kiss you deeper stroking the side of your face the other hand holding him up slightly. He then proceeded in removing his pants while kissing you passionately, he then began to lightly kiss your neck making your breathing a bit heavier. He began to suck on the softer part of your neck making you moan as you ran your fingers through his hair. He moved back up to your face and kissed you again this time a bit rough and deeper than before. He then pulled up the bottom of your shirt making you gasp, giving him the opportunity to invade your mouth with his tongue. He almost immediately gained dominance and pulled your shirt over your head throwing it on the floor, exposing your chest. He smirked in the kiss before pulling away for air, a string of saliva still connecting both your mouths. As you looked into his eyes you could tell they were full of lust as he looked over your frame. Pleased with how well it was going he began to lightly kiss your stomach, teasing at your underwear line. He then moved back up to your neck leaving light kisses all the way up before lightly biting your neck.

    You winced as he did and he kissed the spot as an apology, he then moved his attention to your underwear gently pulling it down till they were off entirely, then removed his own. You had wrapped your arms around his neck and he gazed into your eyes. Saying then in a playful yet dominating tone "I hope your ready, because I'm not going to be gentle" You blushed deeply as he kissed you again while he entered you. He began slow, getting adjusted and the began to be rougher. Thrusting in and out while sucking on your neck leaving small marks wherever he chose. You moaned softly, he took it as a sign and began to thrust harder, deeper into you. Your breathing became very heavy as he continued, testing his boundaries. He then found where he wanted, your sweet spot. He cut off your breathing by kissing you roughly, turning into a passionate make out session while maintaining his pace. You lightly tugged at his hair making him go faster, and kissing you deeper. He then began to rub your thighs, and kissing your collarbone making more marks on your skin. You bit your lip trying to hold back a moan but it slipped out.His breathing had become heavier as he moved to the other side of your neck licking and kissing as he went. You moaned out his name as he thrusted hared and deeper into you. He then said he couldn't hold back any longer as you felt a release in your lower stomach area. He kissed you once more before laying next to you, breathing heavily. Once your heart had decreased in pace a bit you felt his arm around your waist, his face buried in your neck. Sleep came easy that night.

    You woke up on his chest, he gently stroked your hair as he smiled at you. You returned the smile and continued to lay on his chest, comforted by his heart beat. He held you close the small smile continuing to stay on his face. "I love you" you said closing your eyes listening to his breathing pattern, "I love you too" he said back. A sudden thought came into your mind, the twins.... You lifted your head up earning a look of question from Pittoo, "Can I ask you something?" He replied "Sure, you can ask me anything" You told him about the twins and he looked shocked, "Is something wrong?" you asked him he shook his head and held you close rubbing your cheek with his, "It's all ok," he then started to explain what that your suspicions were true, that he and Pit had been the twins and he had forgotten. You rested on his shoulder and he continued to lay with you in bed his arm tightly around your waist. You eventually did get out of bed, got redressed, and went to go meet Pit at the beach like always, who was pissed since his brother didn't come home last night, he smirked and held your hand making Pit even more irritated. You rested on his shoulder as he and his brother argued. Wondering what you would find today.
Dark pit x Reader :The moon and it's tides (Lemon)
This was requested by
Copyright: I do not own Dark pit he belongs to Nintendo 
the only thing i really own is the idea really... dang well I hope you enjoy this its the first lemon I've ever made and I made it as gender friendly as possible, hope it worked.
    Zeo's mind was racing, thinking about you. How much he thought of you, your (e/c) that always sparkled, your (h/l) (h/c) hair that always fell perfectly on your face. He could feel the goofy smile on his face and tried to right his face back to something not as expressive… but it was irresistible. Every time he had even the slightest thought of you the smile creeped back to his face. Eventually he got home, he lived only a couple streets down from you and was glad it was closer to the bey stadium he trained in with some of his friends. He dropped his backpack near the door and walked upstairs to his room and immediately layed down on his bed, he then pulled out his phone and called his best friend, Masamune who he could tell everything, is other best friend, Tobi, had recently lost his phone somewhere. He talked to Masamune about his day.

    Masamune's first question was ironically about if he found a cute girl yet, apprehensively Zeo told him about you. Which he was questioned further about. "So what's her name?" Masamune started with and Zeo replied with your name. "Well have you told her you liked her yet? hmm? Or did you chicken out as usual?" Zeo became flushed but told Masamune that he planned on it.

    ------------------------------------------------- Next day (i got lazy) ----------------------------------------------------- 

    Your pov

    You sat down in class waiting for the day to be over, turning to the clock you let out a bored sigh, two minutes, just two minutes till the day was over. Finally, so far the day had been jammed with tests and boring presentations or movies, but it was going to be over soon. And then, the bell rang, you picked up your bag and waited for Zeo. You noticed the Zeo was acting strangely, he was more cautious and slow, like he had something on his mind… You walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder, he stiffened for a second then calmed down. Then he got packed up and you both started to walk home. 

    Zeo's pov

    S-should i tell her? Can i tell her? I'm so nervous I can barely contain myself when I'm around her… I should just tell her…. Ok let's just calm down, breathe, alright… "Zeo are you ok?" I jumped at the sound of her voice, "y-yeah I'm fine" I replied. After a couple minutes of walking we approached her house. "U-um (y/n) t-there's something I've been meaning to tell you…" She looked at me. "Will you, uh.. b-be my uh.. girlfriend?" I stood there waiting for an answer…  

  Your pov

    Shocked was a very mild term to describe your emotions at the moment. Your face was extremely flushed as you looked at him. Zeo bit his lip and looked at the ground, occasionally looking up towards your face. "Z-zeo" you studder, he replays with a "Y-yeah" Locked onto his face you say to answer his question "Y-yes…." He looked up, smiled the biggest and probably the most goofy smile you've ever seen. He then quickly pulls you into a tight hug repeating that he loves you, you smile and return the hug. You then both continue to walk home, hand in hand.
Zeo x reader The day of it all part 3
So here's the final part of the story I decided to make the ending a bit fluffy this time, hopefully it doesnt seem rushed. Thanks for reading~
Noticing how inactive I am Thought I might pick it back up again. Sorry for that btw, school sucks.... So now that i have a bit of time for drawing here and there I've got like fifteen stockpiled so sorry if you get spammed with it, the requests i have have not been forgotten I promise and most likely on Thursday I'll get maybe three new x readers up, or thats the goal anyway. Being as I want to be more active I'm probably gonna change a lot, mostly because I'm enjoying inking now. Also I have a couple comic ideas I might do. 
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